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Mind map and SCROM

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I have no idea what SCROM is either, but do you mean SCORMbig grin

SCORM is a standardized methodology for building learning objects, usually interactive,  that can be used in any learning platform. That is the basic idea, in short, you apply the rules that are set for writing a learning object, using the right tool, and it can be used anywhere. SCORM is not the content, it is the way in which the content is authored and compiled, for want of a better word. 

An interactive mind-map could be built using HTML5, and if packed using a SCORM tool, then it should do what you want it to. I've used an interactive PDF for building a fishbone diagram, (aka Ishikawa or "Cause and Effect" diagram) not that different to a mind-map. It was a Q'n'D solution to a immediate problem I had in a classroom. So depending how you want to structure your mind-map, that might be a more immediate tool for you and develop a SCORM package later if you can't find one. The learning curve for some SCORM tools can be quite steep, but for others it is not, but then you really can't always be sure of a positive result sometimes.  

SCORM packages are available from a variety of sources, so one might be available that meets your requirement. 

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