Webservices core_grades_get_grades

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Webservices core_grades_get_grades

Good afternoon.

We are using webservices for enrolment and registration and it works perfectly but - we are hoping to also utilize the get_grades function but are getting the following error:


  "exception": "webservice_access_exception",

  "errorcode": "accessexception",

  "message": "Access control exception",

  "debuginfo": "Access to the function core_grades_get_grades() is not allowed.\n                     There could be multiple reasons for this:\n                     1. The service linked to the user token does not contain the function.\n                     2. The service is user-restricted and the user is not listed.\n                     3. The service is IP-restricted and the user IP is not listed.\n                     4. The service is time-restricted and the time has expired.\n                     5. The token is time-restricted and the time has expired.\n                     6. The service requires a specific capability which the user does not have.\n                     7. The function is called with username\/password (no user token is sent)\n                     and none of the services has the function to allow the user.\n                     These settings can be found in Administration > Site administration\n                     > Plugins > Web services > External services and Manage tokens."


We are using Moodle 3.3+ 20170629

Any help would be appreciated.