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Open textbook authoring and distribution tool LTI Help
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Hello All,

I am hoping a developer might want to help out with an LTI issue and help create a open source textbook authoring tool for Moodle.  The idea is to use Pressbooks plugin for Wordpress to build books/resources that can be distributed and used within Moodle via deep LTI connections.

We are trying to use Wordpress+Pressbooks and do 2 things with LTI:

  • Connect to Wordpress via Moodle and auto-generate a new Pressbook and users based off Moodle Course Enrollments and roles.  This LTI plugin works great for this:
  • Distribute Book contents via Moodle using LTI connection to Book elements.  This is done by using the Candela Thin Exports to generate the deep LTI links but this export requires other Candela LTI plugins to function properly.  Lumin Learning develops the 3 plugins that handle exporting a common cartridge for Moodle courses and user permissions for viewing the content in the book.  Their plugins are here:

Each of these LTI plugins work well on their own.  However, we need to either pick one and add functionality that is lacking, or make it so that they can both co-exist on a single wordpress website.

In short, one LTI wordpress plugin handles blog and user creation wonderfully and the other LTI plugin handles viewing and exporting/distribution wonderfully.  

Ideally we could combine the plugins, but if we could get them to work together in harmony on the same Wordpress site that would be good too.  

If anyone wants to take a shot at helping build a complete open source OER Authoring and Distribution tool please let me know.  We want to create this tool and show others how to build their own Book writing tool. We are 99% done and just need these two LTI plugins to play nicely.

I also posted about this in the LTI Moodle forum:

I have a setup ready to go if anyone has ideas.

Thank You,

Chris Kenniburg
Dearborn Public Schools

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