Automatic Grading of Assignments

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Re: Automatic Grading of Assignments

Bit of a work-around using a module for something it's not meant for, but this a way you could achieve it:

Try using Quiz instead as this allows for automatic marking.

  • Use whatever Scale you want to use.
  • Deselect everything under Review options.
  • Change total marks to "1"
  • Add an Essay question, which will be unmarked.
    • Set Mark to "0"
    • Set Response format to "No online text"
    • Set both Allow attachments and Require attachments to "1" (or however many files they need to upload).
  • Add a multiple choice question, which can be any question you want to add (for example a "I haven't plagiarised" statement). This question is marked, which will add the points to your Gradebook.
    • Set Mark to "1"
    • Set One or multiple answers to "Multiple answers allowed
    • Deselect "Shuffle choices"
    • Add two answers and set the Grade to "50%" for each (one answer doesn't work for a multiple choice question).
The multiple choice question will be automatically marked.

Quick example:
Average of ratings: Useful (1)