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Where do you put the "textbook"?

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Re: Where do you put the "textbook"?
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Hi William

Thanks for the clarifications, which I can very well follow.

> the print ones are often much quicker and easier to do for our faculty than web-based ones

Of course. The teachers generation comes from the analog times where books meant print. The transition from hard books to soft books (PDFs) is quite smooth. The next step, "type setting" for the screen, is something entirely different.

> Often for print ones, students and faculty don't bother to print them out though and simply access them on their devices.

That is a big advantage of soft books: People have the choice to print or view on screen. In my classes, students have to view or work on three to four documents (windows) at the same time, which is a challenge. Having the book on print helps a lot.
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