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Capture the flag

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Capture the flag

Dear Moodle members, 

I want to create a capture the flag application where students can read challenges and submit flags. This is done in the spirit of a particular course.
I am new to Moodle and would like to know how to  approach this problem. No need to write the application for me, I just need some guidance as to how approach this problem...Do I need to create a module even if this is the main purpose of the application OR doe I need to work on the Moodle core instead? 

I would appreciate any suggestion...perhaps you would like to share similar experiences....

Thanks for any help you can provide me 

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Re: Capture the flag
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The short answer is that you want to write a new activity module, the documentation to get you started is here:

The core code provides the basic structure of Moodle (users, courses, permissions etc) and APIs for interacting with the core system.  You dont want to modify this unless you are trying to change something fundamental about the way Moodle works, and if you are doing so you should file an issue on the tracker and fix it upstream rather than making changes locally.  If you are just adding a new activity for students, or another small piece of functionality, you should implement it as a plugin.

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