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Error loading SCORM packages in mobile app

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Re: Error loading SCORM packages in mobile app

Hello Juan

Thanks for your response.

We load up the SCORMS via drag-n-drop directly via activity-settings. We load a full zip.

SCORMS size of zip-files is between 2,5 and maybe 6,5 MB only.

In Desktop-mode everything works fine, in mobile app we have the trouble with some SCORMS only. I cannot see a special difference between working an not working SCORMS.

We work on a win-server for years and did not have any trouble at all.

The Problems we ran in are obviously not based on any update of server-system. Some problems occur with "older" uploads (9 month or so) others with same age work fine. Same is for younger uploads: some work others throw problems.

I am not so good in programming, but is there a chance to get some detailed error-info on App?


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