Captivate - Moodle & attempts

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Re: Captivate - Moodle & attempts

Hi Melanie,

I have managed to fix almost everything. I learned loads during the last couple of days. Do have to say that the Moodle structure is a little bit unclear. Switching of navigation needs to be set on every page. I see so many people struggling with this. Loads of PHP customization tips, while you can also do it with settings, but you have to do it on a million locations smile

So I managed to switch off all. I hided the side navigation bar everywhere and also the top navigation is turned off.

Basically I just turned all the navigation settings on every page to "not show". This works. But for the profile pages this doesn't work. When i'm on a profile page as admin and under navigation click settings to "not show" navigation. It is hidden, but on a students page it still gets shown.

Any Idea how to solve this?

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