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Migrating moodle 2.4 one server to another

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Migrating moodle 2.4 one server to another

Hi All,

My lms running  moodle 2.4 from a long time and data leangh 130 gb and mysql data also 35 gp. Now i want to migrate server on AWS ubuntu. I have done it successfully to resolve some problem. Main issue with migration it has installed new instance in same database with creating all the new  moodle table without prefix mdl. And, New moodle not taking previous table. this is very disappointing for me because whole process has taken 2 days to done.

Please some explain what is wrong...



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Re: Migrating moodle 2.4 one server to another
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Firstly, please note that 2.4 is no longer supported, so there may be issues with it that are no longer going to be fixed.  You might find it better to upgrade to a supported version of Moodle before attempting a migration.

It's hard to tell exactly what might have gone wrong in your migration, but at a guess I'd say your $CFG->dbprefix is incorrect in your config.php file.
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