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Generico newbi

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Generico newbi

Hi , i want to use Generico to do a template for a MCQ exercice in a moodle test but i really don't know how i can make it .
I need to play a mp3File , when we click on a frame , but the mp3Player need to be hidden and it's needed to play the fiel everytime we click on the frame.
An image is join oto show how the exercice need to looklke.
Thx in advance.

BTW , i'm not really good at CSS JS and HTML.

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Re: Generico newbi
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Hi Shiva, that just requires a pretty simple template. How does the attached one work for you? See here for how to use bundles. (Poodll and Generico work the same for this ...).

You insert the Generico tags for the this template on the page and in between put your image. You will need to paste in the URL to an audio file. So it will look like this. 

Then when displayed it will create a button from the image. On the button click, it will play the audio, and put a blue border around the button. You could just add in on some css + html to make the button look like a frame, and do away with the image altogether.  Anyway I think its a good start.