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Best practise (assessability) for use with TinyMCE

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Re: Best practise (assessability) for use with TinyMCE
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While you might find a way to prevent ... why not appeal to teachers understanding that color does affect learning and as educators they should 'sacrifice' their preferences for colors and consider the students.


Is but one reference ... one could probably find some 'brain research' addressing color on the net somewhere as well.

Got a training course for your teachers?   Create a course for them to take and choose, on purpose, the most awfull color cominbations you can imagine ... ie, make it hard to read and distracts. 

2 cent opinion ...

True story  ... I once worked in summers painting classrooms.  The supervisor of the painting crews dropped off appropriate latex for walls and semi-gloss for trim + a direction to paint room #.  Room # was on the East side of the building ... morning sun ... and the building itself was constructed in the 1920's ... classroom on second floor and had very tall bay windows which required painters to use a ladder to paint the walls/window trim on that side of the classroom.

Teacher in that room had been very critical of many things on the campus including things like facilities, AC (of which there was none - Texas), drab color of classrooms, etc.

The color we were to use (had to use) ... lime green.  My painting partner and I both asked the supervisor if he was sure!!!   Supervisor who was to retired at the close of summer smiled and said 'Yep!'

I didn't teach on that campus, but heard from other teachers I knew on that campus how much trouble the teacher in Room # had that year with discipline of students.

Go figure! :\

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: Best practise (assessability) for use with TinyMCE

Thank you @Ken and @Colin. Both very detailed and useful suggestions. I will look at providing this advice for my Course Custodians. I will let you know how i go.

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