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Resource-centric social platforms

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Svar: Resource-centric social platforms

Given the focus on resource curation in a social setting, I think it might be an idea to discuss when enough is enough - do we need a low spec decentralized DAM or a fully featured DAM? I have collected some thoughts from experience of using Digital Asset Management systems, e.g. version control and provenance. For the latter, we have been approached by a Norwegian company about using blockchains for shareable learning resources under CC-by-sa at work. Any way, the link has a list of frequently used open source DAMs, which may serve as source of inspiration for MoodleNet.

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Re: Svar: Resource-centric social platforms

Ha! I love that you've set up a MoodleNet fan page on Hubzilla big grin

In terms of Digital Asset Management, we'll need something like Dspace, Edshare, EQUELLA, or Islandora. I've got a consultant looking at those different options at the moment.