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Upgrade to 3.3 and Error reading from database

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Upgrade to 3.3 and Error reading from database


i want to upgrade my test moodle from 2.6. to 3.3. i upgrade also my php from 5.3. to 5.6 which was necessary.

and sql version is:    Window SQL Server 2008 R2 

i face this error when i open my web: 

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Re: Upgrade to 3.3 and Error reading from database
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Not a Windows person, but ... the following is true of any platform ...

Are you attempting to upgrade from 2.6.x straight to 3.1.highest?  Note the .highest there.

No can do.   Must upgrade the 2.6.x to 2.7.highest first.

One of the changes for you is related to theme ... many themes, like the 'afterburner' theme you used in the 2.6 doesn't have a compat version in series 3.x.

Once you get the site upgraded to the 2.7.highest, check it for functionality ... especially any plugins ... get those upgraded and working as well.

Then *backup* the code + do a DB dump.  Don't want to loose ground gained at the 2.7.highest stage.

Then try the upgrade to the 3.1.*highest*.

One cannot hyperjump upwards ... it's more a 'march'.

'spirit of sharing', Ken

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Re: Upgrade to 3.3 and Error reading from database

Hello Ken Task,

Thanks for the suggestion. But unfortunate I came through the same error even after 2.7.

Error Loading Database

add_to_log() has been deprecated,please rewrite your code to the new events API

 .line 50 of\lib\deprecatedlib.php: call to debugging()

 . line 133 of\index.php: call to add_to_log()

error reading from database

Debug info:SQLState:42S22<br>

Error Code: 207<br>

Message:[Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server]Invaild coloumn name 'requiredbytheme'.<br>



Message: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver 11 for SQL Server][SQL Server]Invalid coloumn name 'requiredbytheme'.

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