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Integration round 2018-04-05 - forty are forty

One poor developer...
Integration round 2018-04-05 - forty are forty
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Cold numbers:

35 issues have been successfully integrated with 3 rejected and 3 delayed. That's 92% success, well done!


  • While you are reading this, Moodle 3.5 Freeze is (near) happening. More exactly, the gates for new features and improvements will be closed on Monday, 9th of April, at 06:00 UTC. By default any new issue of those types will be put on hold (integration_held label) until after release. Still it would be possible to request an reasoned unblock (by adding the unhold_requested label to them).
  • Since freeze, there will be 5 weeks remaining for the next major release. QA cycle will commence in 1 week from now, we'll go thought the usual beta and release candidate states... all the usual craziness and fun of the period.
  • Finally, any help is welcome along next weeks. Detecting issues, providing fixes, performing reviews, completing both the user and technical documentation... TIA! Together, is easier!

Hot topics:

  • MDL-61724 : Allow downloading of resources with long filenames.
  • MDL-61766 : Fix installation of sites with renamed admin folder.
  • MDL-61256 : Global search now supports both section titles and summaries.
  • MDL-60115 : Fix cancel button editing initial book chapter.
  • MDL-61163 : Allow guests to view wikis in front page.
  • And lots more in areas like privacy, questions, file picker, calendar...

Warm thanks:

  • To Gladys Basiana, Rayna Mae Jayco, Janelle Barcega and Anna Carissa Sadia from UTPI, for their great work, every week, helping us with the testing of Moodle. Much appreciated!

We have a very active testing community

which people don't often think about

when you have open source.

-- Mitchell Baker

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