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Re: Moodle needs more marketing (and research). What kind?
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"... LMS companies sell their products, they always provide (at least) a minimum level of support." hahahahaaaa!!!! The emphasis is on the word "minimum" - support costs money and eats into profits. 

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A moodle proponent says "My school wants to change it's LMS.  They are not considering Moodle because no one from Moodle is available to come to my school to make a proposal as to why Moodle should be considered.  Why doesn't Moodle do a better job at marketing their product?"

<style="developing rant">This indicates that administrators want to be spoken at, they want it all handed to them on a platter, essentially intellectual laziness I suggest. Little wonder fancy brochures and slick sales reps acquire business for poor products. Why talk to an actual user with no idea of the background to the decision, without any real expertise in the bureaucratic processes? What is their opinion worth? Now, if it was someone in a position of authority, someone who knows the bureaucratic processes, well, they are worth listening to. Trouble for me is that people like this often talk the talk, but they just can't walk the walk. They get sucked into a particular regime, like the Apple For Schools Program, or Microsoft Certification, and this stifles inquisitiveness in other products, other, possibly better, methods or tools. Look at Dave Perry's comment from 9 April, this is classic bureaucratic-proprietary business methodology. Suck in a leader and everyone falls into line. ...[EDITED/Redacted]...  I run into this all the time and find it disappointing.</unending>


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