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Lessons from the White House [OT]
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Hi Colin

You wrote (I wish you haven't ;egg:
> Didn't someone above mention using a slick advertising campaign to sell junk. Look at the last Presidential election in the US - same thing.

Except that the campaign was outsourced abroad.

Did you say they sold junk? The kind of selling made me add the following two items, to our list:
>> f) Lobbying. Giving money for middle men to "funnel" (bribe) powerful people, in state machinery for eg.
>> e) Threatening institutions with FUD and other sling campaigns, data breach, DoS attacks, etc. (extortion)

The story is more crooked (than H.C.):
- under f) the lobbyist M.C. was no registered lobbyist. (Read the breaking news about selling access to the Ukraine.)
- under g) the story of Qatar. Their fate fluctuation according to their "investments" on a royal family.

P.S. This is a reply to, in case the Mod decides to split the thread.
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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Lessons from the White House [OT]
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Hahahahahaaaaaa!!!!! Very funny, but it is actually quite sad; and likely far more accurate than most of us would be comfortable Visvanath sad 

I just ran across this article from the British Psychological Society, makes for interesting [I'm doing something else too..]

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Re: Lessons from the White House [OT]
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"Very funny, but it is actually quite sad"

Exactly. Was it two weeks ago, those sheep (in Michigan?) cried "Nobel, Nobel"? Yes, very funny. They must be actually quite sad today, listening to that love letter to Pyongyang. I hope, they can at least take home a commemorative coin.

Yes, psychology, that is what the others (we) need. And as you wisely discovered, something else to do too.
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