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Canvas vs. Moodle

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Thank you everyone for your great comments.... seems like I started a heated discussion LOL.

For those not hosting the platform themselves, what does or does your institution's privacy and security policies with having users and students data hosted externally elsewhere? We have a very strict policy about this in that it has be a Canadian datacentre.

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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Canvas vs. Moodle
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@David, my point exactly, even now I suspect a lot of high level educators and politicians think "the cloud" lies at the end of the Yellow Brick Road and is a place of soda pop fountains and ice-cream mountains,  where happiness reigns, and the music plays ever so loudly.... wide eyes

@Rick, while I can appreciate the distinction, with Canvas it appears an issue of who owns the data? With Canvas, control seems to imply ownership. Unless I miss my guess, GoDaddy is not going to be arguing with you about who owns the data in your Moodle. My concern is if things go badly for Instructure in the longer term, it looks like they have already positioned themselves to use your organization's data as an asset of theirs. I have seen nothing, read nothing to make me think otherwise. Unless there is a private treaty or an EULA where it specifically states that data is not the property of Instructure, I would be extremely wary of their marketing.  

@Jerry, we had a similar problem here, all that happened was the Government changed the law. It seems we don't know the power of the Dark Side. I wouldn't expect it to be any different in Canada, no matter how disappointing the outcomes. 

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