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Get enrolled courses by category [custom my overview block]

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Get enrolled courses by category [custom my overview block]


I would like to customize the my overview block, so that it only displays courses of a certain category, and I'm thinking of how best to do this.

This block uses the enroll_get_my_courses function, which enables filtering by courses.

Then I would search all the courses in the category and apply the filter.

I believe there is already some moodle class or function that returns me the courses of a category.

I already looked in the index.php of the courses page but it was quite confusing for me.

I understand when he calls the

$ content = $ courserenderer-> course_category ($ categoryid);

I was looking at the course_category function in render.php and I got lost ...

This would be the way, or better to do a query in the database?

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