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Problems with completion tracking

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Problems with completion tracking

Hello guys!
I have a problem and I do not know how to solve it. We are placing completion follow-up on activities with restriction rules. With this we are putting the appearance of the files as "EMBED".
The ideal for our Moodle would be to "force download", to download the direct PDF. We put the "EMBED" because if the page does not update, the student can not move on to the next step.
I'm having another problem that a PDF in EMBED is not opening on Smartphone's.
There you have to solve this to open PDF direct in the AVA to the browsers of the Smartphone, we decided to download direct, of the manuals, there the alno can read inside your Smartphone.
 I would like to put the direct download to solve once and for all, all these problems. But the page is not from Refresh. Any idea how to do it? I need Automatic Refresh as soon as it downloads and not a manual, to update the status of the completed activity

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Re: Problems with completion tracking

I am also facing the same problem in Moodle 3.4

Our course content is a PDF that opens in a new window. We want the activity completion to automatically mark as complete once the student opens it. Currently the student has to reload the page in order to see the tick mark updated. Is there a workaround for this?

Previously we have create course contents using 'Page' or even assignments or quizzes, they do not face this problem because the moodle moves to assignment/quiz page before coming back to the course page and updating the activity completion. 

Can someone please advice?

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