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Backup in my plugin not working

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Backup in my plugin not working

Hi everybody,

i implemented the api calls for the backup and restore api. The data in the database is correctly backed up and restored, but on clicking the link in a restored course to the plugin i get a ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. The link itself links to the correct place. I dont know whats wrong.

Here is my decode rules function:

static public function define_decode_rules() {

        $rules = array();

        $rules[] = new restore_decode_rule('ADAPTIVEQUIZVIEWBYID', '/mod/adaptivequiz/view.php?id=$1', 'course_module');
        $rules[] = new restore_decode_rule('ADAPTIVEQUIZINDEX', '/mod/adaptivequiz/index.php?id=$1', 'course');

        return $rules;


Any idea?



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Re: Backup in my plugin not working

this is my error. What are possible reasons the site is crashing?

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