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Teaching french (FLE) with moodle

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Teaching french (FLE) with moodle

A not so easy task to comply with CEFR framework, a wonderful challenge though.


For the last 2 years, it has been a challenge, complying with this framework, THE foundation of our work (as foreign language teachers) and being up to date with the expectation of our students.


We want to deliver the most practical, yet the most efficient way of teaching and assessing throughout our online learning experience.


Let me share a few tips on how I achieved half of what I wanted, spending double the time from what I expected.

My name is Aurélien Darie, I work at Alliance Française de La Haye. I am a French teacher as foreign language in The Hague in Netherlands, basically teaching French to adults and also in charge of the eLearning. 

I also happen to like technology amongst many other things.


To start, a good visual and hierarchy of information if essential. To achieve so, I used the wonderful work from Moodleroom with its clean template : SNAP.

For the interactive content, I’ve used this amazing plugin : H5P. It has endless possibilities, and it often get updated, it’s also compatible with iOS and android.

 Our school is using CTOUCH screen, plug and play (into windows 10), makes it super easy for "not so much trained" teachers to add annotation onto content.


Quiz have been created straight from our paper version, which aren’t fit to serve the platform. It frustrates teachers and students, compromises are not the way to go if you are going “online”.

The gradebook does a good job in insuring students are completing a course, and therefore, delivering goodies, such as a certificate. It saves countless hours to our beloved administration desk in printed them.


I would be please to share my experience, please feel free to get in touch with me and happy learning/teaching.  

ps : feel free to check our platform https://moodle.aflahaye.nl

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Re: Teaching french (FLE) with moodle

Hello Aurélien,

Congratulations for the work !

I thought there was a guest access in order to check the possibilities...


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Re: Teaching french (FLE) with moodle

Sure there is a guest access : https://moodle.aflahaye.nl/login/index.php

You can check out this course full of exercices :


Enjoy smile

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Re: Teaching french (FLE) with moodle
Particularly helpful MoodlersTesters

Hi Aurélien,

Nice to see you're making excellent progress there. Have you seen the Special Interest Group / Community 'Moodle for Language Teaching'? Althought this community is not as active as one would hope, there's a lot of kindred spirits there.

I have a few recommendations for your initiative:

- from May 2018 onwards, it's strongly recommended you don't show personal information of users to visitors of your site that haven't logged in to it yet. At present, you're showing every teacher's name, which may result in a privacy risk.

- you may not want to show all the courses on your site to visitors, even if they're only available with an account and enrolment key

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