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Uploading GIF images to a database

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Uploading GIF images to a database
Hey all

I tried to upload a GIF image to a database in a course. When I chose the image from the Gallery App it gave me an error telling me that the path isn't correct. If I try to select the image as a file it was successfully uploaded but the resulting file isn't a GIF at all, it's just a text file containing the word "null".

When I upload GIF images from the web interface everything works as expected. I couldn't find any information about GIF not being supported by the mobile app. Is uploading GIFs supposed to work?

Thank you.

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Re: Uploading GIF images to a database
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this should work fine, could you give us more information?

Moodle version

Your device brand/model

Your device OS and version

Regards, Juan

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