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HEADS UP: Moodle minor release on March 19th

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HEADS UP: Moodle minor release on March 19th
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Hi All,

This is to update you on the release of the next minor version of Moodle.  Originally scheduled for Monday March 12th, we have decided to delay the release by one week; to March 19th.  We are currently working on including support for Google's reCaptcha engine v2 and want to include this in the minor release.  I hope the delay does not cause any inconvenience.

The minor release will also include the core API changes required to support the GDPR functionality. Including the API to request personal data from plugins, with implementation of the API for a subset of plugins so far. 

The first iteration of other GDPR functionality will be made available shortly too, in the form of plugins. These will include an updated process for obtaining user consents to policies and third party tools, as well as the ability to process subject access requests to allow users to obtain a copy of their data. Further functionality to assist sites in making their Moodle installation GDPR compliant will be implemented over the following weeks.

Kind regards,


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