Hiding Quiz Grades/Feedback

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Hiding Quiz Grades/Feedback

I've used Moodle for years but never for an evaluation (which I have no choice but to give to one of my classes now). As a result, I'm nervous about it as I don't want any screw ups that will undoubtedly be my fault.

I've created the evaluation, reviewed it and think I have all of my desired settings in place. However, I can't find where I am able hide the grades (be it an answer to a specific question or the overall quiz grade).

Basically, I want to be able to review the quiz answers and mark some of them manually before submitting the grades per student. My reasoning is that while some of the questions are multiple choice and true and false (which I'm actually fine with them seeing their marks), many of the questions are short answer questions with varying response possibilities, so I want to be able to review and consider their answers to those questions. 

Can someone tell me exactly how to hide all of the marks (per question and to the whole evaluation) or hide some of the marks (the short answer questions)?

Thank you so much for your help!



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Dominique Bauer
Re: Hiding Quiz Grades/Feedback
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Hi Maia,

Check the following documentation, depending on what version of Moodle you are using:

https://docs.moodle.org/34/en/Grade_hiding (Moodle 3.4)

https://docs.moodle.org/29/en/Grade_hiding (Moodle 2.9)

Do not hesitate to ask further questions.

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Re: Hiding Quiz Grades/Feedback

Thank you Dominique! The documentation was helpful, but I still find it fairly convoluted, so I have no idea if I did it right.

What I'm trying to do is hide their final marks since I have to mark a number of questions manually (26 out of 60 questions are short answer questions). I supplied answers when I created the quiz but it seems that unless my students' responses are exact, they'll be marked wrong which is what seems to be the case when I tested it and tried slightly different responses. Therefore, I don't want them to see a low mark and panic; I want to be able to mark them manually and then manually change/post the marks. Does that make sense?

My related question is will the quiz sort of mark itself so that I can rely on the calculations for the 34 questions which are True and False and Multiple Choice and then simply go in and manually mark the 26 short answer and post the combined marks manually at the end?

Fhew, this is hard smile

Thank you again!

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Re: Hiding Quiz Grades/Feedback


One thing you can do with the short answer type questions is add more possible answers after looking at the type of mistakes your students made. You can assign partial points for different types of answers that you think deserve points. Once you add those possible answers to the questions you an regrade the quiz and then manually grade other answers that you think still need points added or deducted. This way you can fine tune your short answer questions and reduce the amount of manual grading in the future.

It is important to always make a backup of the quiz of exam before doing this just in case something goes wrong with the regrade.

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