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Hi Helen!

I can set it up as a noreply@moodledomain.com address. The reason that this is not the case right now has to do with the fact that we want to keep track of undelivered messages that Moodle sends to students.

For example:

  1. Teacher posts something in a forum for students
  2. All students get a notification from this forum, but for some reason the mailbox of two students is not working.
  3. The mail gets bounced and delivered at moodle@moodledomain.com

This way we know that:

  1. Two students did not get the important messages
  2. There might be something wrong with the mailboxes of these two students (mailbox full, account broken, student switched faculty, or otherwise)

By monitoring this we could track the delivery of messages a bit. By using a noreply@moodledomain.com (unless we do make an actual noreply mailbox) we will not be able to track undelivered messages.

However, while typing this - a mailtip or autoreply on the mailbox moodle@moodledomain.com might be a nice middle-of-the-road solution.

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