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Brainstorming onboarding and dashbaording

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Brainstorming onboarding and dashbaording

Met with Doug today and will work on some wireframes for potential onboarding and profile pages but this is what I was thinking:

We need to have specific metadata in the profile for social share cards and api endpoints. So some form fields are required.

Beyond that the profile page should be 100% customizable. I am going to use the Wordpress Project Gutenberg as the metaphorical model. The blocks feature should also be familiar to Mahara users as well.


Basically with the block elements people can drag and drop elements throughout the pages. I was brainstorming a quick list of possible blocks and came up with:

  • Biography Block
  • Network Analytics
  • Open Content Analytics (number of items courses or activities downloaded or remixed)
  • Courses taught
  • Publications
  • RSS Feed
  • Groups 

Each block could potentially have its own metadata and social share buttons.

Beyond that I would try to keep the editing of blocks to bean HTML driven rich text editor with a plain text view.


A new users signs in with OpenID and does two factor auth OR a new user comes to Project Moodle Net through LTI integration in their LMS.

They then go through a series of modals. Basically the modals should walk people through the different personas

Question One: What is your primary role:

Higher Ed

k12 educator




Question Two: What is your primary goal?

Find teaching material

Share material

Highlight my publications


After the questions we pre populate the template with blocks based on the needs outlined in the user stories. The user would then have the option to change their profile (except required metadata) but don't face the tyranny of a blank page.

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Re: Brainstorming onboarding and dashbaording

Here is a more visual understanding of an idea of a dashboard with customizable blocks.Each block could defined by unique CSS class (or whatever front end wizardry folks want).

You can then add and drop blocks as you want. 

Hopefully over time the community could add and remix blocks.

Just an idea pretty much rehashed from most of the page builders out there. Just tried to think of the blocks the Moodle user base would need. I forgot a Google Scholar Analytics block.

Here is link to full resolution:

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Re: Brainstorming onboarding and dashbaording

Thanks Greg! It was great to talk with you, and you've put a lot of thought into this. Great stuff.

What does everyone else think? Does this capture some of what you had in mind for Project MoodleNet?