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Thinking visually

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Thinking visually

Several weeks ago, I had a few minutes and I tried to imagine how MoodleNet might connect different toolsets.

I looked at Mastodon (Connect), Moodle, and a learning object repository (LOR).

Like any relational database, only key fields/tools just probably intersect between these systems.  This is what I came up with.  It wouldn't look the same today, but I'm putting it here because Doug has been inspiring me to keep better track of the history of a thought...

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Re: Thinking visually

This is a great approach, Tom - thanks for sharing! 

For the benefit of those reading along, Mastodon is a decentralised, federated social network that we're thinking of using as one of the components of Project MoodleNet. In Tom's diagram he's using that as a basis to build out to a Learning Object Repository (LOR).