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Editing the content of a course

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Editing the content of a course

I'm currently exploring the possibilities a teacher has within the latest Moodle mobile version and was wondering if a teacher can add new activities or materials to a course? 

I'm really confused since the list of actions a teacher can take in a course (called: Assess and evaluate) listed in the Site home ->Choose a role -> Teacher section in the app itself, stays that one can "set up a quiz, set up a lesson, set an assignment and submission deadline,..." Does it mean i can only edit the existing ones and if so HOW do i do that, or it means i can actually add/edit new ones? 

I'm using the demo teacher/student accounts provided by Moodle and their already created courses. 

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Mary Cooch
Re: Editing the content of a course
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Hello. You are looking at the school demo site,

That is great but be aware that the mobile app is mainly for students and so is not really designed (yet) for teachers to add activities and edit courses. The school demo site is for the web version as well, and you will find you can experience all the teacher aspects better on the web version of Moodle. You can certainly do some teacher things on the mobile app - grade assignments, workshops for example.

If you want to try out new accounts and activities on the school demo site, you are most welcome to do so. You will need to use the manager account to make new users and courses and then feel free to try what you can - but better, on the web version if you are editing courses.

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