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Adding new data to event summary modal

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Adding new data to event summary modal

Dear All,

I must add some new link to the event summary modal which appears if we click on an event.

We are focusing on the Facetoface events where we must apply for the event or cancel it on that modal promptly.

Overwriting the event_summary mustache file is not a big deal but I also need to provide more data for the template (at least the signup and cancel link and a function which decides which url should be inserted) and this is the point where my migraine begins to suffer me. smile

Is it possible without hacking the core calendar library? If yes, what can I do? 

I am thinking about /calendar/classes/external/event_exporter.php.

Earlier the renderers.php within a theme was a great place to add additional small things like URL but now the things are getting more complex.

Especially because an Ajax script populates the modal content and the system does not use theme renderer during that time (Correct me if I am wrong, but I just noticed this). 

Many thanks in advance

I use Moodle 3.4.

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