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Using Moodle for Staff Micro Credentialing

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Re: Using Moodle for Staff Micro Credentialing
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"BPS also use the Fordson theme, but for some of the support staff it was a little difficult to self-enroll into a course. The EasyEnrollment Plugin might be something we should think about using going forward. Can this enrollment plugin be located on a category page that has the Professional Learning courses because BPS has enrollments and course creation automated between Moodle and PowerSchool and wouldn't want to confuse the students on the front page."

The Easy Enrollment plugin will make enrollment MUCH MUCH easier.  Getting a student from login to learning is why we built Easy Enrollment plugin and the Fordson theme.  It makes things quick and easy while providing the most versatility for staff.  

It might be possible to put the form on another page as it is just a form generated by the Easy Enrollment Plugin.  It's a standard mustache template.  I'm not sure how you would handle that though.  The plugin generates an enrollment form on http://rootmoodle.com/enrol/easy/

You could put that link in course descriptions or anywhere on the site you want to instruct teachers to go to it to enroll.  

Otherwise the best course of action is a new site for training as you might want plugins and special settings that are just for training and not necessarily what you want on the main learning platform that teachers rely on.  

What we found was that a new install of Moodle was best for training.  

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