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Add mustache helper

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Add mustache helper


I try to develop a new local plugin. For some actions I have a list of links in my templates but I don't know how to display them.

The best would be to use the function moodle_url() in my templates, so I created a new mustache helper (to my mind there was aldready not a mustache helper for that in moodle core).

It's pretty simple and for now I added it in my own renderer (it extends core_renderer and add my helper in the get_mustache() function) and on my own theme and I used it like this:

{{#my_url}}/local/my_plugin/index.php{{/my_url}}   => displays

My question is: is there a method to add (dynamically maybe) a custom mustache helper in the renderer without create our own renderer ?

For exemple if I want to share my plugin I need to also share the renderer, right ?

Thanks for your ideas and sorry for my rough english smile


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Re: Add mustache helper
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You can't - it seems to have been a deliberate design decision when introducing mustache: There's a lot more discussion about it here too:

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