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H5P on Moodle App

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Re: H5P on Moodle App

Is that on the iPhone mobile app or Android?

But it looks perfect. Well done.

Now that there is working prototypes in action it won't be long before this becomes available as standard.

I had a quick preview of both links you have added. On the GitHub code are you able to post a few more steps in the implementation?

I would be keen to try it out on one of my development sites that are 3.5.

At the moment I am course designing into a 3.5 and a main production M3.3 site. But will upgrade this site within weeks. As per my other thread on sizing within the mobile app, we haven't been happy with how it looks within a contained container. (More on that within my thread on codes to make IFrames fit within the mobile app).

Thanks for coming back and sharing the work.

As to your question, I can't provide any useful information but hope there is plenty of interest generated so this can be settled quickly for the community and we get another power tool to use with the Moodle mobile ecosystem

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