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Biometric Login

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Biometric Login

Hi Team Moodles

I am using moodles 3.4, its working perfect, however there are some features which could be added. Please see the following points and comment whether it is possibility in next update...

1. Biometric Login for students to ensure Authentication. (in my scenario, its really making difficulty coz students share their user ids and passwords, after that they attempt each other's assignments)

2. In creating quiz from question bank, I have to select quizzes manually to manage difficulty level. Auto function adds questions randomly. There should be an attribute of difficulty level (Easy, Moderate, Difficult) while creating new question. So after that while creating quiz from question bank, I may set criteria of randomness such as 5 questions from easy, 5 questions from difficult etc.


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Re: Biometric Login


Both good suggestions. 

There was some work on 1) biometric authentication and also reauthentication using keystroke capture (this is something that Coursera perhaps brought to the mainstream

2) this is actually something in the works made possible by the Moodle User Association. You can follow the progress here: The project is adding the capability to core to tag questions and leverage those tags in question pools/random question blocks. 

Hope that helps, 


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Re: Biometric Login
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With regards to your first suggestion I think you are overly complicating things. Simply forcing users to utilize two-factor authentication will minimize their account sharing attempts.


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