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Sharing resources between educators

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Re: Sharing resources between educators

Hi Ruben! Thanks for your comments. To respond to each one:

  1. Sharing quizzes - yes, absolutely. We need more granular sharing of resources than course-level, and improved discovery such as the tagging and voting that you suggest.
  2. Following curators - definitely agree with this one. As an educator, I want to follow people and organisations who curate high-quality content, not sift through lots by myself!
  3. Fork-merge-share - this approach, which is used on GitHub (as you mention) is mentioned in the white paper. Ideally, we'd have a way to ensure that, for example, a resource released under a Creative Commons license that includes 'No Derivatives' couldn't be forked. But for everyone else, remixing other people's OERs is exactly what we want to happen.
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