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Sharing resources between educators

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Sharing resources between educators


I just discovered this new Moodle project which seems very promising! At least I hope it will improve the current status of sharing resources in current and improve colaboration among teachers around the world. 

Just some random ideas:

Sharing quizzes, for example, could be done much better than using the database module. Some  tagging for level, topic, language, or grouping to be associated with other questions. Voting for questions or searching for most downloaded, liked questions, etc... Then you could add rating for teachers that have more questions downloaded or liked.

Also searching for teachers that has more popular resources, with some filters too. Then the social aspect of following teachers, and being notified when they upload new content. As a decentralized tool maybe could link to the resource in their Moodle instance, for example, and pull updates.

I think then you could comment on resources, and maybe improve them (or fork them like github).

Good luck with the project and I hope to see some real changes in the web soon!


PD: as a side note, there is a bug that currently limits the size of imported questions in Moodle, someone solved it but still has not been integrated. If we are going to share quizzes this would be a problem.

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Re: Sharing resources between educators

Hi Ruben! Thanks for your comments. To respond to each one:

  1. Sharing quizzes - yes, absolutely. We need more granular sharing of resources than course-level, and improved discovery such as the tagging and voting that you suggest.
  2. Following curators - definitely agree with this one. As an educator, I want to follow people and organisations who curate high-quality content, not sift through lots by myself!
  3. Fork-merge-share - this approach, which is used on GitHub (as you mention) is mentioned in the white paper. Ideally, we'd have a way to ensure that, for example, a resource released under a Creative Commons license that includes 'No Derivatives' couldn't be forked. But for everyone else, remixing other people's OERs is exactly what we want to happen.
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