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Missing features (?)

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Missing features (?)

Dear all,

I'm currently doing a research to find the "best" collaboration platform for schools.

By using the excellent Moodle documentation and trying the demo with different roles I was able to already answer most of my questions. However there are features I'd like to have but I'm still unsure if Moodle can provide them (without 3rd party (other products, plugins)):

  1. Does Moodle come with a task component (I'm not tasking about the API for programmers but about the ability to create tasks for teachers).
  2. Moodle provides the ability to work with files. Is it possible to add tags to files? Is it possible to do a "deep search" for specific files? Are there any features to deal with files containing sensitive information?
  3. Is there something like a news module?
  4. Is there a module helping me with the timetables and the excam schedule?
  5. Can I use Moodle to distribute software to other systems?
  6. Can I use the Moodle accounts for WLAN authentication?
  7. Does Moodle come with Instant Messaging function (I didn't find it and only found a plugin)?

Thank you in advance,

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Mary Cooch
Re: Missing features (?)
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Quick answers off the top of my head:

  1. Checklist plugin?
  2. Yes you can tag files. And then use Global search. Only files you have permissions to see (ie, you are enrolled in that course) will display to you. See Tags and Global search
  3. The annoucements forum at the top of each course page and called Site news on front page is for news only - nobody can reply to it. See Annoucements forum
  4. Not in standard, although I am sure others can suggest things or workarounds
  5. Not sure what you mean 
  6. Not sure
  7. Yes absolutely, standard. See Messaging

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Re: Missing features (?)
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5. I don't know what you mean either

6. You'd need to write a plugin to remotely authenticate users in Moodle. It wouldn't be terribly difficult. However, using Moodle as a central point of authentication is a bit weird. You'd be better setting up something that's meant for that sort of job (e.g. LDAP) and having everything authenticating against that. 

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Re: Missing features (?)

Thank you very much. That helped a lot. smile

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moi!!! it is what is is...
Re: Missing features (?)
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Hi Michael, what is it that you are actually looking for? What do you mean a "collaboration platform"? Moodle is a Learning Management System, that is it has a series of tools you can use to present resources to learners, from K through all levels of education into university/college. It is used by White Castle as a training tool, by a Shakespearean company for developing actors, hospitals for doctor and nursing training, throughout business and education where training is required. There are activities and other tools all aimed at assisting students to learn and teachers to teach. 

If you want to be able to create single documents and have teams working on them, you can use Moodle and, via the LTI protocols, Google Docs to create common documents. The Moodle story, so far, has few limits, as a learning tool. 

Or are you looking for a School Management System? There are a number of alternative, open source projects that may help you here. There is one idea that you may want to consider. 

Here is a discussion began by Chris Kenniburg of the Dearborn Public Schools about what he has achieved, and this may be more of what you are after than anything else. While it really supports the use of Moodle, it is clear and really helpful. 


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