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get cache takes time to process

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get cache takes time to process


So we are currently working on improving the performance of our LMS.

We are currently doing various ways to improve and or find a solution to make our LMS faster because our current LMS is very slow.

I'm just not quite sure if other moodle 3.3 users experience the same as well.

We are using Z-Ray to check what might be the problem, and what functionality/set of codes that takes amount of time to load.

Upon checking, the highest function that consume time to process is the function to get string cache on our local plugins.

See below screenshot for code tracing

First column :  file and or the function, 

2nd column : Time Consumption (percentage)

3rd column : Execution time including children execution

4th column :  Execution time excluding children execution

5th column : exact location of the function/file








I did tried to change it to static language just to check, after trying again to debug, still slow, and the function that gets much time to load is the still the get cache but now to a different  language string and to different local plugin.

The local plugin analytics is not from us, we downloaded it from here

But we developed the other local plugins installed on our LMS.

I am just not quite sure why this happens since we are following the proper way to call and or create new language string for our local plugins.

Would appreciate if there's anyone here who can help me understand why is this happening.

Thanks in advance


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