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Moodle Customization errors

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Moodle Customization errors
I am trying to customize the moodle app so i've downloaded the repo. from github and then followed the documentations but i have many errors, i have tried to follow the new ionic documentations. However,  these are the steps i've followed.

1- npm install -g cordova ionic

2 Npm install  ( for installing all the dependencies but generates some errors, not sure why ) 

3- ionic cordova build  android 

4- ionic serve in order to run in browser but it gives an error (gulpfiles.js not found )

my question is : 

1- how to run it in browser or in android studio as the documentations seems to be very old and i need to test live without the need to build with phonegap each time.

2- i have tried to change resources (icons and splash screen) , the icon has changed but the splash screen loads for second then the app  shows a white screen and reload with the moodle orange splash screen ( note that i removed all the resources of the moodle) 

thanks in advance 

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Re: Moodle Customization errors
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the documentation here is up to date. It was updated a couple of months ago.

If you follow it step by step and double checking everything you should be fine (I just set up everything a week ago following the guide in a virtual machine)

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