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Moodule Mobile App (iOS) can't install.

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Moodule Mobile App (iOS) can't install.

Hi Guys,

I have problem to install Moodule mobile app (iOS). I have using MS intune for deploy Moodule to mobile device and I found issue for can't install, when downloading finish and next for installing and Moodule   application icon is gone!!!

But when I try to install same explanation upper with 3G, it is completed for install. I have inquiry for someone can provide Require All URL List for install Mobile Application? I think it occur from my Firewall and need that list to setup as White list URL policy.



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Re: Moodule Mobile App (iOS) can't install.
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I'm sorry but I don't understand your problem, do you mean that you can only install the app via 3G when using this system called "MS intune"?

Are you able to install the app via the store?

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