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When you say able to track their own progress, I think of something like a transcript--I've completed these things...but it sounds like maybe you want self-assessment? Which is cool...

So, in addition to choice, you could have an Assignment where they write about where they're at and what they think they need (which can be credited when graded or credited for submitting).

Or you could have a Feedback where they answer questions like that--with feedback, you can allow multiple submissions (I never do...but it might be useful for this) where they assess at certain points and you can see the change in their answers.  Feedback has no right or wrong answers, just answers. This is good for a series of question.

Or you could just have a label on the page that has the question and they check the manual completion box to acknowledge it.  Checked labels can even be linked to course completion.

Or...I have quizzes that have correct answers (Yes, I acknowledge...) but are really just acknowledgement of receipt of information/acceptance of responsibility. Mostly we do this for IT stuff (Yes, I understand I'm not allowed to look at porn at work and that if I do, I can be fired) but it works pretty well.

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