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Using SQL to populate a glossary

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Using SQL to populate a glossary

Hello all, 

We are trying to simplify courses for our users.  One way we are looking to do this is to implement a glossary on each of our lessons and then move whatever resources that we had for that lesson into its' new glossary (almost all of these resources are pdf files).

What I am curious about is has anyone done something similar programmatically on the SQL end?  I am looking to try to save our staff a few weeks of work of moving current content into the glossaries by hand.

I am able to see a number of our activities in the mdl_resource table but I do not see any of the attachments there.  

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Re: Using SQL to populate a glossary
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When you say glossary you talk about ?

If that is the case your task would be much better resolved by writing a PHP script that uses Moodle API to handle all this.

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