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Ned Mentee Manager plugin block

This is a question and a solution that i'm posting here for others and also to get help on the part I still can't solve

Original question at plugin site:

Hi Fernando, love the Ned updates! One feature request that is VERY important to most USA schools to be FERPA compliant as we can't show student grades at our school when using email.- I would like to be able to have granular control over the Notification Criteria. Ie, I still want to show the class name they are seeing already in notification but NOT show their grade! Instead I just direct them to log into moodle to check there in my appended note to them in notifications.
2nd is a user question - how to I get the link given to students for course overview to show up? Teachers can see it but not students. I edited the student role and checked allow for everything that said course overview but it still would not let students see it. I also purged cache. I'm imagining it's due to being inside fn_mentor. See link below. Thanks Fernando, great work! Thanks!

My solution and followup question:

For those wondering how to remove the grade from the automated email notification here is how you can do it: edit the file block_fn_mentor.php found in path blocks/fn_mentor/lang/en as follows

commented out:

//$string['g4_message'] = '{$a ->firstname] has an overall coure grade average of {$a ->g4}%.';


//$string['g4_message'] = 'Please have {$a ->firstname] check their grade in Moodle in course above.';

it looks like this in my file

Ned fix 1

I'm still having permission issues with this automated notification email link below. I have tried editing all roles and gave allow permission for everything that had the word overview in it without success. yes I purged cache.  If created my own link which does work in the append part of the email ( If the Course_overview link can't error for students then I would rather remove it but it's trickier to edit than the grades. Thanks again for a great block. 

Link to online report:

clicking this as a student shows the error  invalid permission as I think the fn_mentor block is meant only for the Mentor, not the student but that's who they send the email and the above link. The programmer is hard to reach. I found invalidpermission on line 84-88 of the course_overview.php at path blocks/fn_mentor


I read that if the user id is not the mentee Id then it throws this error. Checking adminer tables for the menteeID as it relates to the user ID which I can't see a menteeid, only user id as it is assigned to a mentor id. 

Line 91 seems to define menteeid from id in 'get record'.

The actual message link that comes after  'link to online report' I think is on line 151 after wwwroot and shows '/blocks/fn_mentor/course_overview.php 

or the message link could be defined on line 274 of course_overview.php defines what <a href=

 the Href in course_overview relates to the href on line 161  in file block_fn_mentor.php found in path blocks/fn_mentor/lang/en . That file appears to have all the GUI buttons etc you see in all blocks and the beginning of the line 'link to online report'

any expert advice would be much appreciated thanks. I'm past my breaking point for guessing code for the last 2 weeks. Thanks.

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