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Formatting Student Blog

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Formatting Student Blog

I love the simple idea that I picked up in the Online 'Get to know Moodle 3.4 Basics'  The idea is to use the built in Blog in a student profile as a personal record of what they learnt that lesson.

I have made their Blogs private in Admin/ Settings etc.   To assist students I would like to format the Blog Page with basic questions like:

When we learn something new it is useful to spend sometime thinking about our experiences.

Before we finish up each lesson please jot down a note under each point 

  1. one thing we've learned-
  2. why we consider it important-
  3. how we can use it later-
  4. which other questions it raises-
Is this possible....other options and ideas

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Re: Formatting Student Blog
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Maybe a quiz with an essay question you could populate the question with the text you need.  

That would allow for a private reflection with the teacher being able to leave feedback.  

It's called response template:  https://docs.moodle.org/34/en/Essay_question_type#Response_template

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Re: Formatting Student Blog

Another possibility is using the Database activity in Moodle for your student entries. After the initial setup, you set up fields and templates. On the add template, you can do some addition of the types of information you have included.  In order to keep the activity private between you and each individual student, you need to set the settings so that the number of required entries settings is less than the number of entries before student can view other student entries.  You will also need to turn on comments, then use those to comment on individual student entries.  Attached is a preset of a weekly journal database so you can get an idea of how this can be set up.  Information on database activity is here.