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e-learing site with courses behind a paywall

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e-learing site with courses behind a paywall

My employer is looking at building an e-learning site that they can sell & deliver online courses through. There would be no interaction between teacher & student outside of the site, the user journey would pretty much be: 

  1. Go to the site and be presented with the home page (HTML page with info about the business ect).
  2. Navigate around some of the other pages (i.e. about instructors, blog, contact ect).
  3. Navigate to a page advertising the courses and click on sign up button for their preferred course.
  4. Fill in a sign up form and pay for course.
  5. Get redirected to their dashboard where they can work on the course, see their other courses ect.
  6. Work through the course, get it marked by us, get a certificate ect

My question is can this be done all in the Moodle platform or will I have to build a static site with the first 3 steps then redirect them to a Moodle platform? Even then I don't understand how Moodle would know if the student had paid for the course or not, so ideally I would like it all on the Moodle platform, I have only seen Moodle used as a learning portal however and although I know there is a Paypal plugin, I've not seen any examples of sites where content is behind a paywall. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



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Re: e-learing site with courses behind a paywall
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Hi Luke,

Based on you description, it sounds to me like Moodle should accommodate your requirements.

In Moodle, the Paypal plugin is an enrolment plugin. You will need to add it as an enrolment method to your course and configure things like price and currency. Then, when a learner tries to enrol in the course, the payment process should be triggered.

For more information on using the PayPal enrolment plugin, please see:

Hope you find this useful.

Best regards,

Michael Milette

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