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Changing the way grades are displayed

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Changing the way grades are displayed

HI there,

I am very new to Moodle, so please forgive any clumsiness in my approach!

I am in the process of setting up Moodle to work as an on-line learning resource to assist with sports training (specifically Karate).

Actual tuition must take place in the physical presence of the instructor, the on line resource will act as an aid memoire, providing information on the syllabus, the various moves etc that needed to be perfected in order to pass a grading and obtain the next belt. Part of that will be an online video resource showing specific moves, these need to be locked/restricted until you have reached the relevant grade.

Grading levels are based on belts, kyu grades and dan grades, i.e

A beginner is white belt, then moves to

10th kyu, red belt

9th kyu, blue belt

8th kyu, purple and white belt

7th kyu, purple belt.....

.... 2nd kyu, brown belt

1st kyu, brown and black belt

1st dan, black belt

2nd dan, black belt

I've hit quite a basic problem, in the way that the grading levels are displayed. Modifying the display to students is straight forward, I can edit the letters to names and then apply the names to grade levels/percentages. However I can't see a way of changing the way the grades are displayed to instructors, and asking the instructor to grade via a percentage simply wouldn't make sense.

Any pointers appreciated

Moodle version is 3.4, I've selected Moodle to allow for off line smart phone access to the syllabus and video files.

Thanks in advance


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Re: Changing the way grades are displayed
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Hi Stuart and welcome to Moodle smile

Have you considered using scales for grading? Please see the documentation Scales for details.

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Re: Changing the way grades are displayed

Thank you Helen, that may well do the trick

I'll have a play this weekend

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