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Indexing in Elastic Search

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Indexing in Elastic Search


I am trying to run Elasticsearch on my sandbox moodle (3.3) running on a virtual machine with Ubuntu Server 16.04.3 LTS. My problem is with indexing. when I try to index the content of my moodle site, I am getting # docs= 0, # records=n , ignored = n (the same number of records). The same thing happens if I force indexing in the terminal (using the php command line) which will return fro all entries: "No new documents to index for ... etc.). 

In order to index the content, I run Tika in a terminal, run elasticsearch service and then run indexing either from the terminal or from scheduled tasks. either way, it seems that it is running, but the # docs will stay = 0, and if I search for a word, will get "No results". If anybody can let me know what am I missing, I would really appreciate it!


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