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course folder

I have moodle 1 (m1) that has all the courses of the previous year on the server 1. I created a new moodle 2 (m2) on server 2. I want to process the existing courses in the moodle m1 database for the moodle database m2, including with the possibility of processing only a desired course. I've already coded the database processing. I'm using Java. Moodledata has the folders corresponding to each course, when the course has some type of file stored. So I need the following:

I want to code in Java the processing to copy each of the folders that is in moodledata that is corresponding to a given course. How to do this if the folder does not have a course code reference for the moodle 3.x version? How to know the correct folder in the moodledata of a particular course via programming?

Please help me!!


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