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Use django web app through Moodle

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Use django web app through Moodle

I'm trying to access to my web app Django through Moodle, I tried:

  1. External Tool (LTI)
  2. External DataBase
  3. URL

I'm looking for the simplest way ... the simplest is the URL, but it's poor in security. The main idea is to access to my Django web with the same Profile that the user have in Moodle.

Some ideas?? Thank's for your time!!!

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Re: Use django web app through Moodle
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If you want to authenticate to your Django app through Moodle, LTI sounds the the way forward. It doesn't "just work" though, you'll need to implement LTI provider functionality in your Django app. Googling "LTI Django Provider" appears to be a good start.

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