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Custom menu in Boost theme (Moodle 3.4)

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Custom menu in Boost theme (Moodle 3.4)

Hallo everyone,

In header.mustache of the Boost theme we havbe a funcrtion 

{{{ output.custom_menu }}}
This function outputs the custom menu items I can add via Theme settings and the language switcher. I would like to split these two menu's and display them both in different places in the header. How can I get these two separated? Thank you for your reply. Greetings, Julia
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Re: Custom menu in Boost theme (Moodle 3.4)
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You'd need to override the custom_menu renderer

In Boost that can be found in /boost/classes/output/core_renderer.php around line 195

This should ideally be done in a child theme, rather than changing core code in Boost itself.

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