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I've GPL3 licensed my AS3 Flash apps source code :)

Matt Bury
I've GPL3 licensed my AS3 Flash apps source code :)
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Hi Moodlers,

I hope you're well and enjoying your seasonal holidays.

As you may already know, Flash Player will reach its end of life in 2018. This means that Flash applications will no longer run safely on users' computers and my Multimedia Interactive Learning Applications (MILAs) will no longer work.

I have re-licensed the source code to all my Flash software as GPL3 so that anyone can copy it and adapt it in anyway they like. I've uploaded it to my Github account here:

ActionScript 3.0 is very similar to JavaScript and it should be possible for someone familiar with JavaScript to read the code and port the Flash apps to HTML5+JS+CSS3 as "HTML5 apps." Doing so would enable everyone to benefit from the many thousands of hours of work I put into the apps over the years.

There are descriptions and snapshots of the apps in action here:

It'd be great to see any of them turned into Moodle plugins. They're particularly useful for second language acquisition/learning, i.e. ESL, EFL EAP, EAL, ELF, etc.. I currently don't have the time to do this so I'm "putting it out there" for anyone who may be interested.

All the best,

Matt Bury

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